About Us

Our Purpose: To take steps together as a community to offer an opportunity as a solution and prevention method to the childhood obesity epidemic.
Why is this important?

  • “In the U.S, 17% of children from ages 2-19 are obese” (CDC, 2012).
  • “The child obesity rate in North Carolina is 31.4%” (ALLIANCE FOR A HEALTHIER GENERATION, 2014).
  • “The physical inactivity rating for children in NC is 26.7%” (ALLIANCE FOR A HEALTHIER GENERATION, 2014).
  • Practically 1 out of 5 children are overweight
  • Overweight and obesity has a high probability of leading to other health issues; diabetes, stroke, heart problems, and cancer.
  • Overweight and obesity can also be linked to depression, anxiety, poor academic focus, and inactivity.

handprintOur Program:
OBX GO FAR (GO OUT FOR A RUN) is a structured program for elementary and middle school age groups to train for a 5k or fun run through a 6-8 week season. Runners are trained by volunteer mentors that follow a curriculum that teaches proper running technique, fitness, health concepts, nutrition, and character building. Participants practice twice a week for 1.5 hours. They train by walk/run interval times to gradually build on proper conditioning for running while learning about a main nutrition and fitness concept each week. They also strive to meet a character skill each week; Commitment, Responsibility, Attitude, Goal-Setting, Friendship, Attitude, Optimism, Perseverance, and Respect.

At the end of their training season OBX GO FAR participants display and make their final step in achievement by performing in the 5k or fun run event. Parents, neighbors, siblings, and friends are invited to participate with them at the event. GO FAR is about bringing the community together to make positive steps towards a healthier future.

year 1
Facts about OBX GO FAR:

  • The GO FAR program to prevent childhood obesity started 10 years ago in Highpoint, NC. It started with 16 children training for a 5k and is now at nearly 10,000 across several states. The program trains elementary and middle school students for a 5k or fun run by completing the training program that has a curriculum that teaches about proper running, health and fitness, nutrition, and character building.
  • The GO FAR program started in the OBX nearly 5 years ago by Samantha Brown; the After-School Enrichment Director for Dare County Schools. Samantha was aware of the obesity epidemic that was spreading across the communities and realized that the ASEP program needed a curriculum or program that would help the children to move their bodies and take steps towards healthier living.
  • It started the first year through the ASEP program, but then took off like wildfire and became open to all of the school and became reaching nearly 300 participants each season.
  • To support this many children it soon became apparent that GO FAR would need to become its own non-profit in the OBX to retrieve the funding needed.
  • OBX GO FAR will be a non-profit for two years as of June 2014.
  • With the start of non-profit, OBX GO FAR gained one employee, a program director and a volunteer board of 7.
  • The OBX GO FAR program is offered to elementary and middle school age groups in Dare County.
  • It reaches nearly 200-300 participants each fall and spring.
  • It is a volunteer-based program.
  • To achieve the mission fees to the community are kept at a minimum.
  • Sponsorship, fundraisers, and donations is the only resource for funding for OBX GO FAR.


“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to GO FAR, GO TOGETHER”
– African Proverb


We would not be the organization that we are without the generosity of those who sponsor us and partner with us. Their support helps us to continue to spread smiles across the miles of Dare County. They help us achieve or mission by coming together as a community and helping support our efforts in childhood obesity prevention and solution opportunity. To help us give thanks, please see our sponsor and partner logos on our events and program page. If you are interested in sponsorship and partnership opportunities, please see the events page for our fundraiser event sponsorships/partnerships and our program page for sponsorship/partnership customized to the program. The best resource is to connect with us through the contact us link and we would love to meet with you in person or provide you with a phone call/email with more information.

Thank you for helping us GO FAR!